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Yukie (幸恵), (also refered as Djukie in Shurigawa) is the reigning Queen of Kogajajima, the 1st monarch of her line according to Kogajajima's order of succession. She acceded to the throne on 13 September 2014. Yukie was the 2nd monarch of Shurigawa (and the last constutional monarch) until she abdicated from the Shurigawan throne. She is an absolute monarch, therefore her power as Queen is absolute. Yukie is known to be the "Pale Queen" or the "Geisha Queen", she has her face painted white and had red lipstick and black eyeliner, she sometimes used to have a red circle painted on her forehead to symbolize her as the "Rising Sun's Empress" during her reign in Shurigawa.


Empress of Shurigawa

On 18 July 2014, Emperor Hideki gave up the throne and Yukie frequently stood in for him at public events. Starting on 20 July 2014, she was proclaimed empress throughout her realms and the imperial party hastily returned to the Shurigawa, she moved into the Imperial Castle. On 23 July 2014 she became enthroned as Empress of Shurigawa.

Surrender during Shikaeshi War and abdication[]

Painting of Empress Yukie sat in front of the abdication treaty ready for her to sign

During the 

Shikaeshi War, on 6 July 2014, Shurigawan Empress Yukie ordered to surrender to theImperial Beiwanese Military. Two days later, Empress Yukie was forced to abdicate but she was allowed to live in the Imperial Castle. By order of the Beiwanese Emperor, the Imperial Castle of Shurigawa was forbidden for Beiwanese troops to enter. Shurigawa was ceded to the Greater Beiwanese Empire as the Occupation of Shurigawa, with the former Beiwanese Prime MinisterRobert Zhang as Shurigawa's first governor.

Preceded by: Monarch of Shurigawa Succeded by: [1]
Hideki 20 July - 8 September 2014 Toshiko