Social Republic of Beiwan



Flag of the Yu State.png Emblem of the Yu State.png
Flag Emblem

(English: "One strategy, one race, one Zhǐnán")

Anthem: Within the four seas forever in broad daylight

Capital South Gonghai
Official languages Cantonese
Government Nazi one-party dictatorship




Yu Cheng

Yu Sen




1 November 2014

Area claimed
 -  Total 3.97 km² (11.1 km)
Population 11
Currency Yu dollar (YSD) ($)
Time zone Beiwan Standard Time


Calling code +81

Yu (庾), officially the Social Republic of Beiwan (杯碗的社会共和国), was a warring breakaway micro-state. The state governs 3.97 km² of the area in Southern Beiwan, the state claims to succeed most of the People's Republic of Beiwan's territory. The territory is governed as a Nazi one-party dictatorship under leadership of the Zhǐnán, Yu Cheng. However, although the state is a nazi extremist, the Social Republic of Beiwan is was a member state of the Alliance of East Asian Micronations for a brief time until the begining of the Beiwanese Civil War. South Gonghai is the state's capital and seat of government. Soon the state was defeated by the communists

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