Collapse of the AEAM

User blog

Unfortunately the Alliance of East Asian Micronations has come to an end, the alliance itself became inactive and therefore it has collapsed. It was nice back in times when most East Asian micronationational leaders gather round in one chatroom and discuss about micronations and micronations in East Asia, it was nice that in a union we supported and looked after each other, like a group of micronations in one family. It is time to say goodbye to all the micronations who took part in AEAM and let them walk their own path instead of walking on one path together as AEAM. I would like to say thank you, for all micronations who joined this alliance and supported each other, making sure that we were all fine and safe and took pride in being in this alliance until today.

Good luck to all former AEAM micronations, following their own path independently.

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