Unrest in Shurigawa
Shurigawan Propaganda
Date: 23 September-13 November 2014
Location: Shurigawa
Result: Revoluitionary victory ablication of Akuro Takahama as prime misister of Shurigawa fall of the ISRAA
Territorial changes: Kaisan became part of Shurigawa

ISRAA Imperial Shurigawan Rule Assistation

Flag of the Imperial Diet (Shurigawa) Government of Shurigawa

Imperial Shurigawan Military flag Imperial Shurigawan Army

Flag of the Imperial Diet (Shurigawa) House of Peers

Flag of Shurigawa Shurigawan Revoluitionaries

Flag of Shurigawa Emperor of Shurigawa

Commanders and leaders

ISRAA Akuro Takahama

Flag of the Imperial Diet (Shurigawa) Jo-Chi

Flag of the Imperial Diet (Shurigawa) Yuri Takahama

Flag of the Imperial Diet (Shurigawa) Kaizo Akiyama

Flag of Shurigawa Hachiro Kaito

Flag of Shurigawa Emperor Toshiko

Flag of ShurigawaCrown Prince Geko




Military activity

Flag of Shurigawa Bombardement of the House of Peers Bulding

Imperial Shurigawan Military flag Attack on the Imperial Palace

Flag of Shurigawa Conquest of Okinokyo

Casualties and losses
Imperial Shurigawan Military flag 1 Injured Flag of Shurigawa 3 Injured

The Unrest in Shurigawa took place between September  and November 2014 in the areas surrounding Shurigawa, and was fought between forces of the ISRAA and the Imperial House

Course of the RebellionEdit

House of Peers uprisingEdit

Before the war started, Kaizo Akiyama the leader of the house of peers started a rebellion to overtrow the ISRAA rule However the Imperial Army attacked the House of Peers with maded an end of the rebellion

Attack on the Imperial PalaceEdit

 Seruoise of Emperors powerEdit

Despite the Emperor have absolute power the ISRAA tookover more things and forced him to become constutuional and the ISRAA become absolute power and Shurigawa became para-fascist stateEdit

Attack on the Imperial PalaceEdit

On 31 September 2014, Jo-Chi ordered the Imperial Forces to attack the Imperial Palace The Palace was defended by the Imperial Guards with took over the weapons of the Army led to an Imperial victory

Full attack on OkinokyoEdit

The Rebels control Shurigawa but Okinokyo was stil under fascist control The Army is poorly organisized and surrenders with make an end of this revoluition

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