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杯碗---- Military occupation----


Occupation of North Beiwan.png
Flag of Beiwan
Chinese Emblem.png

Capital city Wuchen
Official language(s) Japanese Chinese
Government Military occupation
- Emperor Toshiko
- Military Governor Jo-Chi

The Occupation of Beiwan at the Second Shikaeshi War   was led by Jo-Chi the Supreme Commander, with support from the Paramillitary forces It transformed the country into a dictatorship that recalled Shurigawan nationalism Sauthoritarian- politics. It later given to the Han


The English word Beiwan derives from the Chinese pronunciation of the Beiwanese name, 杯碗, which in Chinese is pronounced Bēi Wǎn. The pronunciation Bēi Wǎn is more formal, and is in used for most official purposes. The full title of Beiwan is  . The main islands are PingzhouPipa, and Genzhi Zhuwu which together comprise about ninety percent of Beiwan's land area.

Shurigawan attack on Beiwan[]

Territory what gained to Shurigawa

On 12 November, Shurigawan Emperor Toshiko ordered the Imperial Army to attack the Yu one day later, the North of Beiwan was ceded to Shurigawa as the Occupation of Beiwan, with Jo-chi as govenor