Manchurian Republic


Satellite state of Meijing

Flag of the Manchurian Republic Emblem of the Manchurian Republic
Flag Emblem

Motto:  萬歲總統!
("Long live the President!")

Anthem: Manchuria my home

Manchurian Republic orthographic
Capital Shenzang
Official languages

MandarinEnglish, Korean

Government Presidential constitutional republic



Prime Minister

Enoch Chung




17 November 2014

Area claimed
 -  Total 7.61km²
Population 5
Currency Manchurian yuan
Time zone (UTC+8)
Calling code +82

The Manchurian Republic (滿洲共和國), is a micronation in East Asia. The Manchurian Republic, was based in Manchuria as the Qing Dynasty and the Empire of Manchukou, now governs as a republic constituting the islands of Zhudao and Huping, which makes up over 99% of its territory. Neighboring states include China to the west and North and South Korea to the east. Shenzang is the seat of government and the country's capital city. The Manchurian Republic is a constitutional republic, under leadership of it's founder and current President Enoch Chung.


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