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East Asian Micronations Wiki is the one of few micronational encyclopedia in the cyberspace. This wiki is dedicated to micronations located in East Asia. The wiki is being improved and updated as the community changes constantly with content being moderated by a group of staff. Since it was created on 2014, the site has grown with a total of 785 pages and 32 articles.

Current headlines

  • Flag of AEAM.png 30 Nov - Shurigawa removed from AEAM
Evidence proved that the Shurigawan authorities created a fictional leader of Choseon. The Alliance parliament voted to remove Shurigawa from the Alliance of East Asian Micronations due to commitment of a highest crime against AEAM for being an impostor of a fictional human being that claims to govern Choseon...
  • Flag of the Manchurian Republic.png 25 Nov- Chang Zhang annexed.
Yesterday night Chang Zhang ceased to exist, when this occurred the MR invaded and annexed Chang Zhang, It's emperor, Zhong is still allowed to live in the Imperial Palace though. (More news to come.)
This morning, the NLP revolutionaries led an uprising in Shan'an, the legislative city of Meijing. The rebels occupied the western district, as well as the northern area of Shan'an. Later on in the day, the Concordia Association agreed to surrender to the revolutionaries due to that most of CA's restricted areas have been occupied by the revolutionaries. In the evening, Po Xiu was forcibly removed from power and the Concordia Association along with the Empire of Meijing collapsed.
Later this afternoon, the National Liberation Party declared a revolution against the ruling party of the Concordia Association. Many revolutionaries were peasants, they state that were treated unfair under the CA's principle of Fascism. Qi Rongji, leader of the NLP, spoke to the Emperor and begged him to support the National Liberation Party and it's followers. The Emperor was informed, and was told many things that he never knew about the Concordia Association's fascist principles, he ordered the Imperial Guards to support the revolutionaries...


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