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Mǎ Revolution
Date: 21 - 24 November 2014
Location: Meijing

Result: Victory of the NLP revolutionaries

  • Collapse of the Concordia Associaton
  • Downfall of the Empire of Meijing
  • Re-establishment of the Kingdom of Meijing
Territorial changes: N/A

Flag of the Concordia Association.png Concordia Association

Flag of the Imperial Meijinese Military.png Imperial Meijinese Military

Flag of the National Liberation Party.png National Liberation Party

Flag of the National Liberation Party.png NLP Revolutionaries and peasents

Imperial Coat of Arms of Meijing.png Imperial family

Commanders and leaders

Flag of the Concordia Association.png Po Xiu

Flag of the Concordia Association.png Justin Po

Flag of the Concordia Association.png Po Feng

Flag of the National Liberation Party.png Qi Rongji

Flag of the National Liberation Party.png Zhao Jiabao

Flag of the National Liberation Party.png Barbara Zhang




Military activity
N/A Victory in Tongyo Uprising
Casualties and losses

The Mǎ Revolution was a brief revolution that overthrew the Concordia Association and to re-establish the Kingdom of Meijing. The revolution arose mainly in response to the decline of the ruling party of the Empire of Meijing. Many anti-fascist groups, with the support of Meijinese revolutionaries in exile, succeeded to overthrow the Concordia Association. 

Tongyo Uprising[]

On 23 November 2014, the revolutionaries led an uprising in Tongyo. The revolutionaries captured southern Tongyo, including the city centre. The uprising lasted for six hours, later on the Imperial Meijinese Military surrendered to the NLP Revolutionaries.

Shan'an Uprising[]

The Shan'an Uprising was the last uprising that served as the catalyst to the revolution, ending the Concordia Association's rule. On 24 November 2014, the NLP revolutionaries led an uprising in Shan'an, the legislative city of Meijing. The rebels occupied the western district, as well as the northern area of Shan'an. Later on in the day, the Concordia Association agreed to surrender to the revolutionaries due to that most of CA's restricted areas have been occupied by the revolutionaries. In the evening, Po Xiu was forcibly removed from power and the Concordia Association along with the Empire of Meijing collapsed.

Fall of the Empire of Meijing[]

Just after the Concordia Association collapsed, the empire fell with it. However, the imperial colonies of Meijing remains under Meijinese territory, but instead known as the 'Meijinese Oversees Territories'. Qi Rongji (leader of the NLP) succeeded as Prime Minister, bringing democracy that was fobidden during the CA rule.