The Treaty of Kangyo was an agreement signed on 3 November 2014 between the Empire of Greater Choseon and the Imperial State of Shurigawa The two governments also agreed to inprove their diplomatic relations and to "co-operate in a spirit of mutual goodwill in meeting the economic cultural and military needs of both countries".It serve as a cornerstone of Shurigawan diplomacy It have also made that Choseon become a Shurigawan protectorate but they may still have their other affairs

Signators[edit | edit source]

the Signators

Flag of Shurigawa.png Emperor Toshiko Fukoku
Flag of Shurigawa.png Prime Minister Akuro Takahama
Flag of Shurigawa.png Chief of the Imperial Military Han Zarkai
Flag of Choseon.png Empress Hyun-Ae
Flag of Choseon.png

Chancellor Ki-jung

Flag of Choseon.png Chief of the Heavenly Army Robert Schafft
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