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The Treaty of Kangyo was an agreement signed on 3 November 2014 between the Empire of Greater Choseon and the Imperial State of Shurigawa The two governments also agreed to inprove their diplomatic relations and to "co-operate in a spirit of mutual goodwill in meeting the economic cultural and military needs of both countries".It serve as a cornerstone of Shurigawan diplomacy It have also made that Choseon become a Shurigawan protectorate but they may still have their other affairs


the Signators

Flag of Shurigawa.png Emperor Toshiko Fukoku
Flag of Shurigawa.png Prime Minister Akuro Takahama
Flag of Shurigawa.png Chief of the Imperial Military Han Zarkai
Flag of Choseon.png Empress Hyun-Ae
Flag of Choseon.png

Chancellor Ki-jung

Flag of Choseon.png Chief of the Heavenly Army Robert Schafft