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English: His Majesty's Aim

National anthem of File:Flag of Meijing.png Meijing----

Lyrics Taoqing poem
Music Cheng Maoyun
Adopted 2014
Music sample

His Majesty's Aim (or His Majesty's Purpous) (陛下目的), is the national anthem of the Empire of MeijingIts lyrics are based on a Taoqing poem. The current melody was chosen in late 2014. While the title "陛下目的" is usually translated as His Majesty's Aim, no official translation of the title nor lyrics has ever been established by law. Along with the Meijinese national flag, "His Majesty's Aim" has been claimed by those critical of it to be a symbol of Meijinese nationalism, imperialism and militarism. 


The lyrics and musical notation of the anthem are given in the second appendix of the Act on National Flag and Anthem.  In a statement made by Prime Minister Zhang, the legislation will not impose new regulations on the Japanese people when it comes to respecting the flag or anthem. However, local government bodies and private organizations sometimes suggest or demand certain protocols be followed. While standing, the teachers are required to sing "His Majesty's Aim" while facing the flag of MeijingThe Act on National Flag and Anthem also does not dictate when or where "His Majesty's Aim" should be played. The anthem, however, is commonly played at sporting events inside of Meijing, or at international sporting events where Meijing has a competing team. 


Traditional Chinese



裁定,我的主, 天堂的委任統治




English Translation

May your reign continue, for thousands of years;

Bring peace to us, until the earth deceased.

Rule on, my lord, heaven’s mandate.

Long may you reign, be pleased.

Rule on and lead, your country to save;

One heart, one soul, one mind, one goal!