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Bodo Uprising
Date 31 October 2014
Location Military Training facility in Okinokyo
Result Shurigawan victory Uprising supressed

Flag of Shurigawa.png Imperial State of Shurigawa

Peasant.png Peasants

Commanders and leaders

Flag of Shurigawa.png Emperor Toshiko

Flag of Shurigawa.png Crown Prince Geko

Imperial Shurigawan Military flag.png Hakuro Akihito

Peasant.png Yarki Agua (POW)

Units involved
Imperial Shurigawan Military flag.pngFlag of Shurigawa.png :1st Division:Imperial Shurigawan Military flag.png 2nd Division
Imperial Protection Guards

Peasant.png Rioters and Peasants


Imperial Shurigawan Military flag.png 12

Flag of Shurigawa.png 2

Peasant.png 3

Casualties and losses
1 Light Injury Many where Tiered All Rebels surrenderd and sentenched to death

The Bodo' Revolt, also , was a minor uprising across the military headquarters in Okinokyo . The revolt was because the supreme domination of The Imperial Army within the local leadership of Okinokyo. The final trigger for the revolt was the intervention of a Sanyo-Shurigawan military game,

The Battle[]

When the ISM trains the recruits and the emperor and the crown prince visited the Shurigawan Military HQ and its recruitments The Sanyonese emperor was in the bullding asking Shurigawan general on tactics

The troops was training on Tunnel warfare when the Peasants attacked and declared the revolt they have blockade the Tunnel The Sanyonese emperor flees and left and the battle was begon The Imperial Guard (under leading of Toshiko itself) attacked the rebels but its failed The emperor can hold the rebels until the re-inforcements arrived the emperor held a legendary speech

'Men of Shurigawa we will Fight until the death calls us to leave we are Shurigawans we will rather die with honor then flee with cowardness we will never surrender to some peasants we fill fight them'

After the speech The army left the tunnel and attacked and open fire on the rebels the ISM won and the rebels are trialed they are Sentenced to death by the Judge Han Zarkai