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Beiwanese Civil War

Shurigawan Propaganda

Date 2014-Ongoing
Location Beiwan
  • Ongoing
  • PRB surrenders

Flag of the Yu State.png Yu (state)

With Collaborator support

Flag of Beiwan.png People's Republic of Beiwan (surrenderd on 6 november 2014)

Flag of the Han Dynasty.png Han Dynasty

Flag of Shurigawa.png Imperial State of Shurigawa

File:Flag of Meijing.png Empire of Meijing


Flag of the Yu State.png Yu Cheng

Flag of the Yu State.png Yu Sen

Flag of Beiwan.png Barbra Zhang †

Flag of Beiwan.png Justin Po

Flag of Shurigawa.png Emperor Toshiko

Flag of Shurigawa.png Crown Prince Geko

Flag of Shurigawa.png Akuro Takahama

Imperial Shurigawan Military flag.png Hakuro Akihito

Imperial Shurigawan Military flag.png Jo-Chi 

Flag of the Yu State.png 11 Flag of Beiwan.png 29

Imperial Shurigawan Military flag.png 42

Injuries and losses
Flag of the Yu State.pngCollaborators arrested

The Beiwanese Civil war (also known as the Second Shikaeshi War in Shurigawa) is a war in Beiwan between the self-proclaimed Social Republic of Beiwan The Communist government (with surrenderd on 6 november 2014) and the Rebel Han Dynasty with support of Choseon Shurigawa and Meijing

Civil War[]

The Social Republic of Beiwan was established on 1 November 2014 by Yu Cheng, he proclaimed himself as the Zhǐnán (leader and guide) of the republic. The SRB was established in purpous of succeeding all Beiwanese territories from communist rule which led Beiwan into a civil war.

The Civil war began on 3 November 2014, causing it into a warlord era with three warring states between the Yu State, Han State  and the People's Republic of Beiwan[]


  • Flag of Shurigawa.png  The Imperial State of Shurigawa sees the Yu state as a treat to the Shurigawan people The emperor hold a speach about Beiwan and hold resoluition 5 The Emperor said :Barbra have failed her state and shall be exile or commit seppuku Anyway she will be vannished by her own people and we have the case Yu a small state with rulled by 9 year old people with learned about Hitler and Nazi Germany with want takeover Holy land of Shurigawa with is choisen by Amaterasu we the Imperial State of Shurigawa will never surrender to some 9 year old people The ISS have patriotism and only you can help our new alliy the Han we are not afraid We are guided by Amaterasu we will help Han and i declare the Han as the Legitimate government of Beiwan

War Propaganda[]

During the war, Shurigawan propaganda took various forms, including pictures  Shurigawa also placed significant emphasis on atrocity propaganda as a way of mobilizing public opinion against The Yu. Many of Shurigawan propaganda uses words and pictures that are horrifically offensive, morbid, sick and upsetting towards Yu and the People's Republic of Beiwan. The Shurigawan citizens where made to treat Beiwanese or unfair by the Shurigawan Imperial government. Teachers, doctors, shopkeepers or any public services where forced to refuse to serve, teach, help or socialize with citizens from Beiwan otherwise being arrested and accused for being a traitor. Other than offensive propaganda towards Beiwan there also has been propaganda that advertise recruitment for the Shurigawan Army, Navy and Air Force.